Svetlana Shchibleva

Teacher of the Watercolor course 


Shchibleva Svetlana Urievna is an artist, graduate of the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Repin., where she studied easel painting under the guidance of Savkuev. Earlier she graduated from the Moscow Pedagogical State University, art-graphic faculty. Her specialty is artist-teacher.
Shchibleva Svetlana creates works based on the traditions of the academic school of painting. She works in the technique of oil painting, also writes in watercolor, acrylic, owns various graphic techniques, Svetlana is engaged in interior painting, fresco, mosaic.
The participant of a number of exhibitions and competitions in Russia, Europe, China.
In her work with students she considers waking of creative interest to reality through “live writing” and teaching to give an emotional tint to the natural beauty of the surrounding world as very important. 

Irina Kuznetsova

Classical dance teacher

Irina was born in March 31, 1974 in Leningrad. In 1983 she entered the Leningrad Choreographic School named after  Vaganova and graduated from it in 1992 on the class of Nina Soldun.

From 1992 to 2012 she was a ballet dancer at the Mariinsky Theater. She danced classical and characteristic repertoire parts.

In 2011 she graduated from the pedagogical faculty of the Academy of Russian Ballet named after Vaganova (Vasilyeva`s class)

In August 2005 she conducted  classical dance and classical repertoire workshops in “Juneau dance unlimited”.

Teaching  experience:

From 2014 to the present - Boris Eifman Dance Academy;

2013 - Anglo-American school of St. Petersburg;

2013 - dance studio "Impulse";

2010 -2012 - School of classical ballet in the secondary school № 210 of the Central District of St. Petersburg.

 Choreographer productions:

2018 - “Fairy of dreams” - Maurizio Malanini; "Fashionistas" to the music of Louis Bursa;

2017 - “Waltz” to the music of Hopkins (participated in the program of the concert dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Boris Eifman Theater on the stage of the Alexandria Theater); “Blots” on Strauss’s “Trick-Trak”; “On a walk” act to the music of Maurizio Malanini;

2016 - "Devichiy pereplyas" act.

03/16/18 - participation in the "Development" (III All-Russian Forum of Pedagogical Workers in the Sphere of Culture and Art)

2017-18 - a project of cooperation with the main leaders of Russian dance groups.

 November 2017 - Member of the jury of the international festival-contest "The Seventh Continent", Kursk city.

The developer of the work program of the subject "Classical Dance" from the 1st to the 4th grade.

Publication of the article "Professionally significant competences in the educational process of preparing ballet dancers" in the magazine "Modern Scientific Research and Innovation" of 02. 2016.

Participation in the international meeting on the open creative festival contest “Primorskaya Zvezda”, with a presentation on the topic “Search and selection of talented children for ballet classes” - 09.12.2014

Ulia Rumiantseva

Vocal class teacher

Member of the Estill Voice International Association (status of Estill Master Trainer Candidate).

"As a vocal trainer, at my class I work primarily on vocal technique, which allows me to achieve results regardless of the musical style and the initial level.

Classes are adapted to the wishes and possibilities of a particular student. At the initial level, we work on intonation and the development of a sense of rhythm and musical hearing, and with more advanced ones, we study various techniques and vocal techniques, musical phrasing and artistic interpretation of the work.

The main goal for me is to teach the vocalist (or any person who, by his profession, is associated with speech loads) to use his voice freely and safely, without losing expressiveness, and sometimes acquiring it.

We will definitely analyze with you how to use the so-called “head” and “chest” voice, how to “mix” them with each other, how to “shout” in a song so that later it would not be painful, and what to do to make your voice sound like you want it tot, not like it turns out. "


Anna Karpinskaya

Teacher of the pastels and oil painting course 

Teaching experience is over 20 years. Anna has passed all stages of art education. She graduated from art school, art high school, Repin Academy of Fine Arts.
She worked at art schools, art high schools, art studios. She tought different subjects: drawing, painting, art history, composition, decorative composition. She participated in pedagogical practices and seminars as a methodologist. She taught toddlers, teenagers, and adults.
Now Anna prepares an individual creative program for each student, depending on the desire of the student, his level of training, individual characteristics.

She constantly works creatively as an artist herself, her works are exhibited in the Manezh, in the Union of Artists and abroad. Anna is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Her pupils participate in exhibitions and competitions, become laureates. Many students enrolled in higher art schools, became artists, architects, designers.

Levon Tigranovich 

Taekwondo teacher 

25 years of experience in sports, prize-winner of the World Cup in taekwondo, champion of the Russian Cup in taekwondo, repeated winner of urban taekwondo and kick-boxing competitions. СMS, Taekwondo black belt, first dan. 

I teach for about five years, over the years I educated two winners and one winner in city competitions, also the winner of the international Black Bald tournament in St. Petersburg. Maintain athlete from basic to advanced level. 

At one time, seriously engaged in sports psychology under the leadership of Head of the Department of Psychology of Lesgaft NSU, Vitaly Andreev, as a result of the joint work “Success and Failure in Sport”. 

Education: Lesgaft NSU of Physical Education, Sports and Health, St. Petersburg. 
Specialist in physical culture and sport (Department of percussion martial arts) 2011.

Sasha Suhorukova

Drawing and painting class teacher

Sasha Suhorukova is a painter – sculptor, graduate of the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Repin. She is a professional teacher. She has her drawing, graphics and modeling classes in an easy and accessible form. Classical and decorative drawing, work with various graphic and painting materials, color and line, modeling, composition. Classes are individual and structured with taking into account the interests and needs of the students.

Nadia Grankina

Teacher of the Theater class (“Body calisthenics”)


She studied and practiced techniques of contemporary dance and theater at schools, workshops and festivals of contemporary dance and theater in Russia and Europe with various teachers from Russia, England, Germany, Sweden, France, the USA, the Netherlands, Denmark, Israel. 
For a long time she had been a dancer and choreographer of the St. Petersburg dance company Union of Young Choreographers "Guild", where she participated as a dancer in many performances of Russian and European choreographers and directors. With that Nadia created several of her own productions. Currently, she is a teacher at the Sweetness & Light school, as well as a free dancer and choreographer for contemporary dance and theater performances.

Valeriy Nemeshaev

Acting class teacher


1982-1986 Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (film and theater actor)
1987-1988 theater "Contemporary-2”, actor.
1987-1990 theater "On Malaya Bronnaya", actor.
1987-2006 Children's film studio named after M. Gorky, actor
1995-2013 - Member of the Russian Actors Guild
2000-2007 work in show business / scriptwriter, director's assistant, teacher in acting. /
2001-2004 Studio "Golden Tablet" teacher of actor skills
2000-2004 tv channel "Culture" screenwriter-teacher of children's programs "Little tricks"
2007-2008 "STS-lights the Superstar", skill of the actor teacher, tv channel STS.
2007-2010 Irina Feofanova`s Children's Theater School / children 9-12 years old /, teacher.
2008-2010 Children's Film School under the direction of Yana Churikova / children 8-16 years old /, teacher. 
2010. Children's award "Andrew". Scriptwriter, skill of the actor teacher.
2010 Theater Award "GOLDEN LEAF", screenwriter, teacher.
2011 The author of the section on adolescence (10-14 years), Books "Acting training for children" Ed. Astrel.
2010-2013 teacher at the Children's Theater Studio "I-Actor" children (7-15 years)
2013. Diploma of 1-degree for the best director, in Chekhov's stories. Festival of Children and Youth Creativity “Christmas Eve", Salute of Talents in St. Petersburg.
2013-Teacher of Acting Skills, studio "Benefit”
2013-2015, acting teacher, studio Fidgets, St. Petersburg.

Marina Pakhomova

An English language course teacher

Your guide in the world of English will be a highly qualified teacher, philologist-Germanist Marina Pakhomova.

She has a son, who at the age of 5 spoke equally well both Russian and English. With that Marina travels a lot, loves sports and works on her PhD thesis. Her more than 10 years experience as an English teacher for young and middle-aged children allows her to find an approach to any child.


Ekaterina Ovsyukova

Teacher of the Hip-Hop course 

Ekaterina is Zumba fitness, Jumping and Hip-Hop teacher since 2008.
She is a dancer, trainer-choreographer, certified instructor, founder of Let's Be dancing team, presenter.
- Higher pedagogical education of the Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, St.Petersburg.
- Each year, she improves her skills in various dance and fitness programs attending fitness conventions, one of the latest of which was IDEA WORLD FITNESS CONVENTION 2014, Los Angeles.
- Certified by IDEA, Broadway Dance Center, Debbie Reynolds-USA, Dance Academy London-UK, Respect my talent, Planet Fitness-Russia, etc. 
- She was trained in the leading dance schools of the USA, England and Europe.

Ksenia Guseva

Piano class teacher

- From 5 to 14 years old she studied at the lyceum of the Secondary Music School (Ten-year at the conservatory named after Rimsky-Korsakov)
- From the age of 14 until the end of primary education she studied at the Tutti Gymnasium with in-depth study of musical subjects (piano).
- At the age of 18 she started to study in Oslo, Norway, in the family institute "BarrattDue musikkinstitutt", bachelor program.
Teaching experience:
Over 5 years of teaching private lessons. Ksenia also worked as an accompanist, teacher ext. education, , rhythmics. She has been working with the age from 2 to 83 years!
First of all - classical, Russian, piano school. But if a student comes in and says that he dreams of playing, for example, Oscar Peterson, then we will immediately make a plan for his request.

Asya Bagratuni

Piano class teacher

In 2014 she graduated with honors from the Children's Music School named after A. Petrov. In the same year she entered the music college named after Mussorgsky. Currently she is a 5th year student of the piano faculty at the St. Petersburg State Conservatory named after Rimsky-Korsakov.
Asya is a winner and diploma winner of the international competitions.
She has 6 years private lessons experience as a teacher. Since 2015 she has been teaching at a children's music school.
Classes on a musical instrument develop figurative thinking, artistic perception of the world, fantasy, foster will and discipline and train memory. I am pleased to help students to discover and love the world of music, which is filled with beauty and harmony.

Inna Moiseeva

Piano class teacher

Inna Moiseeva was born on June 21, 1976 in St. Petersburg, Russia. From the age of 5 Inna began to study music.

In 1991 she entered the music college at the St. Petersburg Conservatory named after Rimsky-Korsakov, which in 1995 she graduated from with honors. In 2000 she graduated from the Conservatory and entered the graduate school of chamber ensemble in the class of prof. Shafran, in 2002 continued in the class of prof. Uryvaev.

In 2001 she took part in the orchestra of the Hermitage Theater “Camerata” under the direction of Alexis Soriano at the “Spanish Evenings” festival.

From 2001 to 2003 she toured a lot in Germany, France and Russia. From 2004-2005 Inna worked as a concertmaster in violin class at the lyceum school at the St. Petersburg Conservatory named after Rimsky-Korsakov. From 2004 to 2008 she worked at the Theater of the Public Opera. In 2009-2010 she was a guest accompanist at the Munich Chamber Opera (Germany).

In 2011 she received an assistant position at Wichita State University (Kansas, USA). In 2012 she was invited to the Pittsburgh Opera Festival (Pennsylvania, USA) as an accompanist, and also participated in chamber concerts. Since the time she studied at the Conservatory, she has participated in various chamber music concerts of various compositions. Inna has a vast repertoire of chamber vocal and instrumental music.

Since 2012 she has taught at the College of Music named after Rimsky-Korsakov in St. Petersburg.

Sofia Olina

Classical dance teacher

Education: Academy of Russian Ballet named after Vaganova (pedagogical faculty, choreographer); Leningrad Regional College of Culture and Art (head of the creative team, teacher).

Experience: work with children of preschool and school age in the children's art school, in the Anglo-Russian school of elementary literacy “bezzapinki”, the Klumba dance studio; children training for the dance schools; choreographer in the theater studios "Orange", "Through the Looking Glass"; Trainer-choreographer at the sports school of the Olympic reserve "Screen" (synchronized swimming) ...

Dance is movement, it is work on your body, and sometimes it is not as easy as it seems to us ... through dance, children get to know themselves, capabilities of their bodies, this helps them in life, and by instilling discipline, it is easier for them to cope with lessons at school, concentrate on certain tasks. The lessons improve coordination skills, attention, hearing, rhythm, this certainly has a positive effect on their future.

Polina Loman

Classical and modern dance teacher

Polina has 10 years teaching experience in Russia and Australia.
Education and creative activities:
- Teacher-Choreographer - St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Fine Arts
- Workshop participant with choreographers from Russia, Europe and America
- Participant of trainings and art projects in Europe, America and Australia
- Ballet Dancer - St. Petersburg Children's Ballet Theater, Generation Theater

Olesya Kazakova

Teacher of the Theater class (“Word calisthenics”)


Teacher of the Theater class (“Word calisthenics”)
A multi-faceted professional. Along with the higher pedagogical education which she has (at the Teaching Methods of Foreign Languages and Cultures Faculty), she grew up in a family of choreographers and directors, danced and participated in performances since childhood, and later graduated from a number of advanced training courses (in Russia and abroad) on acting, directing and modern dance techniques, actively taking part in the productions of performances as a participant, assistant director and director. 
In 2013, Olesya, together with her colleague Nadya Grankina, became the co-creator of her own creative laboratory for children and adolescents arttrain (“art through English”), which has been successfully existing until now. At the same time, there has been a long way of organizing international theater and dance projects in St. Petersburg (among which 6 years of creative production at the international festival of contemporary dance OPEN LOOK, the season of artistic guidance to the theater platform of modern art Skorokhod and many others).

Agnia Nesterova

Administrator of the Sweet & Light School


2002 - Republican School of Arts (Leader of the choir and creative team, music teacher)

2017 - St. Petersburg State Institute of Psychology and Social Work (Bachelor - Psychologist)

"I have experience in teaching music to children, I attend training programs to increase my professional competence. I conduct research on the subject of professional and personal development of a person. I am interested in everything related to age-related and family psychology."


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